Monday, June 15, 2015

Kit - Spring Bouquet

Last post for the morning.  Edyta Sitar's "Spring Bouquet".  I acquired this kit at the Houston Quilt Festival a couple years ago.  I wanted this kit soooo much and was hoping they would have the entire kit available at the show so I wouldn't have to pay for shipping from an online site.  I lucked out in finding it.  I recently got the matching threads from an online site (can't remember which one) that was having a 40% off sale.  Color me happy!

I can't wait to start making it, but it will be a BIG undertaking.  Even though the shapes are precut, that's A LOT of buttonhole stitching I need to do around ALL those pieces!!!



scraphappy said...

Oh my, looks like a long term project. Have fun!

Doreen said...

I have admired this quilt of Edyta's for a while and I'll be curious as to your progress in the coming days. It, definitely, is a big project but so gorgeous!!!!!

barbara woods said...

can't wait to see it finished , it will be beautiful