Friday, August 27, 2010

A Blogging Break

Just wanted to let you all know I'm taking an official blogging break. Not much quilting going on here anyway.

Chris is not doing well. He has lost most of his voice and can barely swallow. He has had quite a few serious choking and major coughing episodes and is now having quite a bit of pain in his back and chest to the point that they have now prescribed morphine for him. Hospice visits regularly. He is now down to 145 lbs. I hate seeing him like this and am scared and depressed that he may not even make it to our 31st anniversary on October 6. Yet I don't want to see him in pain and suffering.

In addition to my stressing about Chris, our older dog, Lexie, is sensing that he is dying and has become terribly aggressive toward our younger dog, Tasha. She has literally tried to kill her several times and we have had to crate them, letting only one dog out at a time. Yet, Lexie still tries to attack Tasha while Tasha is crated. Lexie has been on "puppy Prozac" for almost 4 weeks now but there's not much of a change with the aggression. Now I'm also scared and depressed we'll need to rehome one of our dogs.

Yet through it all I still have faith in the Lord and his Will, and know He has a Plan for us all. Please add us to your daily prayers.

In His name,