Monday, June 8, 2015

Kids Quilt Camp 2013 Quilt Top

The past two years (last year and this coming year) I've missed it due to one reason or another, but previously I've been involved in Kid's Quilt Camp during a week every June.  I began as a volunteer when I moved here to Florida in 2008, and have since graduated to actually teaching classes to the advanced kids (ages 13-16).  This was a quilt top I made for the class I taught in June 2013 when the advanced students not only assembled the quilts, but learned how to use the rotary cutter to sub-cut pieces for said quilt.  They had a blast and were supervised with hawk-eye vision.  Also, anyone who was caught leaving a rotary cutter open was threatened with monetary fines.  Luckily I didn't have to collect any.  I'm a hard taskmaster, but would rather that than an emergency trip to the hospital.  :o) 

There were several different colorways to choose from, not just this one.  I left it unquilted for class so the kids could reference the backside to easily see how blocks and rows were pressed.  Obviously, it has remained unquilted since.  LOL!

By the way, the class was a success and the kids not only had a fun time, but left at the end of the week with at least a completed quilt top, if not completed quilts.  They didn't do binding, but instead "sandwiched" the quilt, making it quick and easy.  They just did straight quilting through the quilt layers.  After all, they are still really beginning quilters, although to be in the "advanced" class they had to have completed two previous Quilt Camp years -- true beginners class (no sewing knowledge at all), and the intermediate class.


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