Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Floral Intrigue Quilt is Done!

Another quilt on the completed list for 2015.  My Floral Intrigue quilt.  I absolutely love all the colors in this quilt and the Kaffe Fasset backing fabric I found in my stash complements it perfectly!  I also love the floral quilting motif I chose for it. Yay! Another finish!

What will next year hold...

Jelly Roll Race Quilt is Done!

My Jelly Roll Race quilt is done!  The fabric strips are all sewing-related items, so the quilting I chose for it is sewing-related as well.  It's been done awhile now, but just haven't taken a picture and posted.  Finally!  Now I can add it to my 2015 completions...

More to come,

Monday, December 28, 2015

Allietare Mystery Quilt Progress

I've been busy the past five weeks trying to keep up with Bonnie Hunter's Allietare Mystery Quilt. Clue 4 seemed to take me forever...

Clue 1

Clue 2

Clue 3

Clue 4

Clue 5


Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I realize I've been MIA for awhile. Sorry about that, but real life intervenes. The largest portion of time was computer-related. Just before Thanksgiving, my computer started running very, very slowly and things were loading slowly or weren't loading at all...software or internet-related items. I had a sinking feeling my computer's hard drive was about to crash (it IS 6 years old). So after a few days of dealing with the awful lag, decided to go out and buy a new one.  Brought it home and was waiting for the next day when I hoped my geeky youngest daughter could hold my hand through setting everything up.  Meanwhile, I left my old computer on.  The next morning I awoke and went into my office, turned the corner to sit down at my desk, and...you guessed it...the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.  At least I was prepared with a new computer ready to hook-up and I have Carbonite, so everything was backed up.

Then comes a whole 'nuther part of the story.  I had splurged and not only bought the CPU tower, but a new monitor as well.  Well, in hooking up the monitor, all I got were funny black lines on a white background.  Knew everything was hooked up properly, so I reboxed the screen and returned it (1/2 hour each way, mind you).  Got the new screen home (same type) and hooked it up.  It worked fine until the screensaver activated, then I got those wonky lines again.  After a few choice words (I won't repeat them here, LOL), I did the boxing and returning thing again.  This time I changed up the monitor to the same type as the CPU.  Got it home and all seemed fine.  Spent THREE straight days downloading all my backups off Carbonite (during which time you turn off your screensaver, per instructions *you know where this is going, right*) and then start using my computer and loading on all the software and stuff so the backups work (another two days) and have my computer all set up the way I want.  Put the screensaver on again, and....yep, you guessed it!  ARRRGGGHHH!

Figure the only thing it could be is CPU-related at this point.  I mean, come on, it's only coincidence up to a point!  So I have to completely reformat the computer back to factory settings ('cause all my stuff was on it at this point), take EVERYTHING back and get a top-of-the-line gaming laptop and have been in heaven ever since.  Of course, I lost another week reloading everything!  So I essentially lost 2-1/2 weeks of my life I can never get back...

Regularly scheduled programming shall resume shortly.  :o)

So there you have it,

Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Quilty "Treat" for Halloween

Hear ye! Hear ye! Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt has officially begun with the revelation of the color palette. She is calling her new mystery quilt Allietare! -- and the colors are right up my alley! The name and colors are inspired by her recent trip to Tuscany, and you can find out all the info on Bonnie's website here.

I am happy to report that all (yes--ALL) the fabrics are from my stash. And there is way more where they came from. LMAO! No, I don't feel embarrassed in the least. It's taken me almost 20 years to get my quilt stash where it is now. I'm sure there are many of you out there in the same boat. Are we gonna jump overboard? Heck, no! Just pile more in and hope we don't sink the ship! Hehehehehe.

Looking forward to the first clue on Black Friday,

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Seeing Stars...

Yesterday was our usual Wednesday get-together. Mona forgot to bring the girl blocks (LOL!), but luckily we had our supplies for the boy's charity quilt...so that's what we worked on.

There were five yesterday, but only three of us worked on the charity quilt.  The other two had projects they needed to finish up.  Even so, we now have a total of 10 blocks done (40 quadrants). What fun we had!

A couple of us are meeting tomorrow at Mona's to work on the girl's quilt.  Her hubby is going to be away for a long weekend, so when the cat's away, the mice will play!  After we sew during the day, we are going to the fair in the evening.  It's gonna be a fun, fun day!

On another note, I made this quilt top for our guild's charity in which we supply lap-sized, wheelchair-friendly quilts to veterans.  I had a leftover charm pack (not a full charm pack) of red/white/blue fabrics, so decided to do a quick disappearing 9-patch and then added the white border and some stars to the corners. I hope it gives comfort to someone special. 

Here's to more fun,

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Making Progress

The gals and I wound up not meeting last week, as we all had other things pop up.  Hence, no progress was made on our girl's charity quilt.

But yesterday we accomplished quite a bit!  Ta da...

The quilt blocks are all done and de-papered.  Next week when we meet, we will be sewing the blocks into rows and the rows together.  We should have a top before the end of the day and maybe even time to...

work on the boy's charity quilt!

Yes, this where were the boy's quilt stands.  These were made by me during some down time at home.  I wanted to get to a point where I could see how the spiderweb was evolving.  I brought it yesterday and everyone loves it!  So this should be a fun one to work on, as well.  Plus, it will go together much faster.  I love the colors together!

Having fun while making progress,

Monday, October 5, 2015

More Charity Quiltin'

My quilty friends and I only have about 10-12 more blocks to make for the girl's charity quilt.  Then we can assemble the rows together and get it into tip "top" shape.  :o)  Last week we were at Kathie's house and left the blocks and foundation paper pieces there as she was going to finish up the couple we had in progress when we had to leave at 5pm so she could get to an appointment.  

I only printed enough foundation pieces to make the top so we would know when we had enough; and since they are all at Kathie's, I decided to play with the boy's charity quilt we are planning to make also.  I got four quadrants done and this goes together so much faster than the girl's does.  I posted it onto Facebook to see how the gals liked it and it is a thumbs-up.  So, we will use the constant bright yellow in the center (star shape) and strings that read blue or green for each side.  Once we lay them all together block after block, the strings will form a spiderweb shape.  I think it will look awesome!  It's a bit brighter than the picture reflects.  So, what do you think?

I'm pretty sure we'll be able to finish the remaining girl's quilt blocks this Wednesday and maybe even start sewing rows together.  Woohoo!  I'll post a pic of our progress on that quilt either Wednesday nite or Thursday.

Chuggin' along,

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Strange Happenings

Funny thing...

I went to the quilt shop today to buy the Stripology Ruler I've been wanting.  Somehow a new book and all this fabric jumped into my bag.  I just don't understand...  LOL

You can never have too many neutral Batiks or Repro anything,

Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Different Kind of Cruisin'

My latest acquisition.  Not exactly quilting-related, but fun nonetheless.  :o)


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Charity Quiltin'

A couple of my girlfriends and I met at my house today and worked on a charity quilt (girly colors). This was our progress as we broke for lunch around 2pm (as noted on the grandfather clock, LOL)...

And this was our progress as we broke for the day at 5pm (also as noted on the grandfather clock, LOL)... 

We have 21 of the 63 blocks needed for the quilt; so we are a third of the way there. I will work on more tomorrow on my own as I'm apparently not as much of a speed demon as are my girlfriends. Hehehehe. They are really fun to sew and I made a paper-piecing pattern for us which made it easier to use with scraps -- no precutting necessary.  :o)

This will be our Wednesday project for awhile.  After we make this girly one, we will make a charity quilt geared more toward a boy.  Maybe using a spiderweb block or something to that effect.

Charity quiltin',

Monday, August 24, 2015

Happiness Delivered To My Front Door!

Woohoo!!!  Yes, I know many of my friends think I already own every die, but I don't!  (At least, not yet...)  LOL!

Die-ing of happiness,

Monday, August 10, 2015

Three-Day Quilt Retreat

This past Thursday, Friday and Saturday I was on a three-day quilt retreat at the Spacecoast Convention Center in Cocoa, FL.  Luckily, it was only 15 minutes from my home, so I didn't have to reserve a room at the hotel or board my doggie. My girlfriend, Mona, also went.  We had a blast and met many new friends!

They split us up into three groups of approximately 20-25 per group.  Mona and I were in the Blue group.  The most wonderful thing about the retreat was that we had to bring absolutely n-o-t-h-i-n-g! They supplied all the brand new Bernina machines, scissors, thread, kits, everything...including breakfast, lunch, and snacks each day.  All we had to do was show up!  :o)

The first day our group was in the embroidery class with designer, Claudia Dinnell.

Her work is gorgeous!  I bought a "few" embroidery patterns to take home, of course.  We worked on a flamingo she designed for the class to show us how to merge split hoop designs.  We were able to write whatever we wanted on the billboard sign.  Lots of fun!

The second day our group was with Alex Anderson herself!  She is so sweet!  We had a quilt kit for a star quilt she designed.  Learned lots of new techniques in her class.  Only got so much done in class, so now I need to finish assembling it.

That evening, she gave a lecture and slideshow presentation.  It was a wonderful lecture about Alex herself and how she became a quilter and where it took her.  Then a few of us went out to a late dinner afterwards.  More fun!

Day three brought me waayy out of my comfort zone, where we made an Art Quilt with teacher, Nina McVeigh.  We were all given identical kits, yet everyone's was soooo different.  I enjoyed playing and just "going for it" but I don't see myself doing it again.  I'm definitely a "traditional" girl.  The most I would go out of my comfort zone is a "modern" quilt.  LOL!

'Til next time,

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Look Out Europe -- Here I Come!

Guess what!?!  I did it!  I booked my Bonnie Hunter Mediterranean Cruise for next August!  Woot!  Now I just need to find a roomie.  Luckily they assist you with that.  :o)

Brilliance of the Seas

Sew excited!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Exciting News!

I have some exciting news to share...but first a back-story...

Remember my Merry Little Nine Patches quilt that I designed and made?  Well, my Guild wanted me to teach a class for it and I was glad to oblige.  Hey, $100 for a 3-hour class...who would say "no"?  Then I realized that in order to teach the class, I would have to make and sell a pattern for that class.  Let me tell you, I have a totally new appreciation for pattern designers now.  It takes hours and hours and hours of time.  And then you have to recruit a friend or two to make said pattern for testing purposes.  Thank heavens I am blessed with really good friends.  So I design the pattern and I think it turned out really well for a first-timer, so I think to myself...well why not make extra copies (only need 20 for the class), and as people sign up to take the class, those that are unable to take the class can just purchase the pattern if they wish and make it themselves at their leisure.  This went over like hotcakes, as several people had other commitments on the day of the class or were going to be on vacation.  But this isn't the exciting news...

This is where the exciting news comes into play...

Yesterday at our monthly Guild meeting, a woman (new member as indicated on her badge) is at the sign-up table oohing and aahing over my quilt.  Then she sees the patterns.  Then she says, "Do you sell your patterns at wholesale?"  I blink quickly, silently wondering why she is inquiring, and explain that the pattern is my first, mainly written for the quilt class I'm teaching.  She says, "Well, I own a local quilt shop, (names the shop -- which I am familiar with), and I would love to buy some to sell in the shop.  I might also be interested in having you teach a class at my shop as well."  My heart stops!  Is this really happening?!?  I knock a couple bucks off the pattern price, she cuts me a check for the patterns she buys, takes my number for the future (possible class), and I stand there flabbergasted.  She also said if I design any more patterns, to come see her at the shop.  WHAT!?!?  Yes, yes, this really happened to little ole me!

Merry Little Nine Patches Quilt w/Pattern

Different Versions.  A girlfriend/pattern-tester made the aqua and red quilt on the right.  I pattern-tested it myself and made the 30's version on the left.  My original quilt is obviously in the center.  LOL.

My patterns as packaged.

Over the moon,

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I got my J'Adore quilt back from my girlfriend who quilted it beautifully!  At her suggestion, I cut hearts out of batting using my Accuquilt GO! and the hearts look puffy, sort of like "trapunto".  You can't tell from the picture, but it looks wonderful in person.  I couldn't be happier!  I spent yesterday putting on the binding and the label.  Done!

Heart aflutter,

Monday, June 15, 2015

Kit - Spring Bouquet

Last post for the morning.  Edyta Sitar's "Spring Bouquet".  I acquired this kit at the Houston Quilt Festival a couple years ago.  I wanted this kit soooo much and was hoping they would have the entire kit available at the show so I wouldn't have to pay for shipping from an online site.  I lucked out in finding it.  I recently got the matching threads from an online site (can't remember which one) that was having a 40% off sale.  Color me happy!

I can't wait to start making it, but it will be a BIG undertaking.  Even though the shapes are precut, that's A LOT of buttonhole stitching I need to do around ALL those pieces!!!


Kit - Butterfly Kisses

Here is another Kit I purchased at the estate sale I mentioned in my previous post.  It is called Butterfly Kisses.  The fabrics are much prettier than pictured through all that wrapping.  I just didn't want to go to all the trouble of taking all of them out.

More technical diffulties with orientation in Google acting up.


Kit - Daylily Lattice

More accountability...  This morning I have a few kits to tack to my sidebar.  There will be many more kits and UFOs coming.  Thankfully, I'm all caught up on listing my "Tops Awaiting Quilting".  :o)  Anyway, this kit is called Daylily Lattice.

Sorry about the orientation.
Google seems to be having technical difficulties.  LOL

In December, my girlfriends and I went to the estate sale of a quilter who had just passed.  She was in her late 50's/early 60's.  It was the saddest thing ever to see all the things she had been intending to make or had been working on -- many in an unfinished state.  I nearly cried when I saw the pictures of her grandchildren on top of her workstation; and it made my heart ache to realize that those planned t-shirt sewing/embroidery projects I saw were intended for them and now they are left with only memories.  Really puts life into perspective, doesn't it?

So I bought a few things in the hopes that she is looking down from Heaven to see her fellow quilters bring some of her intended projects to completion.


Monday, June 8, 2015

UFO - Bird Applique Block

I found this block in my EQ7 Program and really liked it.  I don't know what it will grow up to be -- a pillow...the center of a quilt...a mini-quilt?  Not sure yet...  I still have to finish buttonhole stitching around the edges of several pieces.  It dates back to probably 2012 or so...


UFO - String Blocks - 3-1/2"

Started a batch of 3-1/2" string blocks to try to use up some of my scraps.  I'm in no hurry to figure out what I'll use them for, but they sure are fun to piece.  I imagine there is a project or two or three in the future for these cuties.  Who knows how many I will wind up with when it's all said and done.  Did I mention I have A L-O-T of scraps?


Kids Quilt Camp 2013 Quilt Top

The past two years (last year and this coming year) I've missed it due to one reason or another, but previously I've been involved in Kid's Quilt Camp during a week every June.  I began as a volunteer when I moved here to Florida in 2008, and have since graduated to actually teaching classes to the advanced kids (ages 13-16).  This was a quilt top I made for the class I taught in June 2013 when the advanced students not only assembled the quilts, but learned how to use the rotary cutter to sub-cut pieces for said quilt.  They had a blast and were supervised with hawk-eye vision.  Also, anyone who was caught leaving a rotary cutter open was threatened with monetary fines.  Luckily I didn't have to collect any.  I'm a hard taskmaster, but would rather that than an emergency trip to the hospital.  :o) 

There were several different colorways to choose from, not just this one.  I left it unquilted for class so the kids could reference the backside to easily see how blocks and rows were pressed.  Obviously, it has remained unquilted since.  LOL!

By the way, the class was a success and the kids not only had a fun time, but left at the end of the week with at least a completed quilt top, if not completed quilts.  They didn't do binding, but instead "sandwiched" the quilt, making it quick and easy.  They just did straight quilting through the quilt layers.  After all, they are still really beginning quilters, although to be in the "advanced" class they had to have completed two previous Quilt Camp years -- true beginners class (no sewing knowledge at all), and the intermediate class.


Heart Wreath Quilt Top

This quilt top has been languishing in the "to be quilted" pile since before I even moved to Florida in December 2008.  I'm sure it even pre-dates 2008 by a few years.  I know, because I did the buttonhole stitching by hand, and I haven't done that by hand for too many years to count now.  By machine is so much faster.  One of the main reasons I did it by hand way back when was because I was working and could take projects with me to work on during my lunch hour.  I'm guessing this is around 2005-2006.  This was also done during my "Thimbleberries" era...it's been awhile.

It hasn't been quilted yet because I keep telling myself it's small enough to quilt myself.  We all know how that works...


Citrus Swirl Hexagon Quilt Top

This is my first and only (so far) Hexagon quilt.  I started working on it, oh, probably 4 or more years ago.  I recently finished it this past month.  Now it needs quilting.  I have ideas for the quilting and have even named it already -- Citrus Swirl.  I love it and am now bitten by the hexagon bug.  There will be more in my future, but I am resolved to only do one at a time to completion.  Since the piecing is all by hand, it takes years (on and off) and I only want one hexie UFO at a time laying around.  I love that they are portable and that I can work on it anywhere...

Citrus Swirl was a "fly by the seat of your pants" quilt top -- no idea of how it would end up.  But I think it came out great.  :o)

I have an idea swirling around in my head for my next hexie project and it starts with this...

which I designed in EQ7.  I call it "Daisy Daze".  I think I'll be adding a row or two of the red hexies to the top and bottom to give it a more finished look.  Although I'm also toying with the idea of a row of single "daisies" at the top and bottom instead.  We'll see when we get there.  I haven't even started this one yet...


Jelly Roll Race Quilt Top

This is my Jelly Roll Race quilt top.  The center was done at our Guild's first yearly Gathering this past March.  We had a ton of fun.  If you want to read more on that, just look here.

I am totally loving the border I put on it.  I have to say it totally makes a boring quilt pop.  Very happy and cheerful.  This one, along with my Floral Intrigue quilt, are going to the longarmer's on Tuesday.  I'm sure I'll be posting once they are both quilted and bound.  Look for more then...


Pastel Tumbler Quilt Top

Okey dokey.  Here is the first of many blog posts on my outstanding projects.  This one is my Pastel Tumbler Quilt Top.  It is waiting in line to be quilted.  It will be sent to my longarmer hopefully in the near future.  We need to budget these things and other tops have taken precedence over this one.  :o)  Or maybe I'll just donate it to one of our Guild's charities.  Time will tell...

This quilt top is several years old (probably 2010 or thereabouts) and came about when I purchased the large Tumbler Die from Accuquilt.  It was a breeze to cut and fast and fun to piece.  Originally, I was thinking of making a border or two for it, but I like it how it is.  I used lots and lots of my pastel stash/scraps in this one.  I'm hoping to make more Tumbler quilts in the future.  There's plenty of stash and scraps to do so, that's for sure!


Getting My Ducks in a Row

So...after realizing I've been neglectful in documenting my UFO and Kit lists, I've decided to update them.  Picasa has been giving me headaches as of late anyway, which is one of the reasons I haven't been on top of things in this regard.  So what I've decided to do is actually do a blog post for each UFO/Kit and have my list entry directly link to the blog post, rather than to a picture in Picasa.  That way I, too, can easily see what I have and can choose (and peruse) them directly through my blog, rather than scrounging though my closets.  If I have a backstory, I'll note that in the blog post, as well.  This getting older thing is wreaking havoc on my memory anyway.  LOL.

So over the course of the next several days (weeks?) you will see NUMEROUS blog entries.  Don't be afraid...go into the light.  Just kidding....

You may or may not be interested in my blog entries during this timeframe, but if you are curious, feel free to gawk and laugh at my insanity.  I won't mind.  If you want to comment, I won't mind that either.

Let the craziness commence,

Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Kit From My Caboodle

Lord only knows how many kits I have tucked away amidst my vast stash.  I've got several posted on my blog's sideline; however, I'm ashamed to say I've acquired several more since I've updated that list.  Floral Intrigue is one of them...

When I went into my UFO/Kit closet, this one was staring me right in the face.  I knew it was a super quick and easy one, so I grabbed it before I could even second-guess myself and ran with it.  I cut, I pieced, I sewed and sewed and sewed.  I was done in a day and a half.

Here is the top:

And here is the top with the backing:

It measures 56" x 72".  The backing is a Kaffe Fasset fabric that was in my deep stash.  Hooray!  No additional fabric purchases for this one!  The binding is in the baggie -- scrappy from the fabrics leftover from the top.

It will be going to my longarmer in the next few days.

One more down,