Sunday, February 19, 2012

*Sings* Another One Bites The Dust...

And another one's done, another one's done...another one bites the dust.  I now have 2 UFO's completed this year so far!  Yay for me!  Here's my "Scrappy Pinwheels" quilt.  The UFO story is here.

I'm currently working on the binding for the third.  It's sewn on, just needs to be hand-stitched down.  I'm also ready to cut and attach the binding for the fourth.  I guess it's a good thing I'm doing all the bindings at one time.  I've had to retoughen my fingers for the stitching.  Ouch!  I'm one of those quilters who doesn't use a thimble when hand stitching.  I like to feel what I'm doing, I guess.  I'm good to go now.  :o)

'Til the next one,

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One Down, More To Follow Shortly...

Yahoo!  I have one UFO quilt completely done!  Here is my "Friendship Garden" quilt.  I blogged about the story here.  This has been languishing in my "to be quilted" pile for several years now.

I am currently in the process of binding three other quilts.  I'll post as I get them done.  I also have another quilt out to be quilted and should get it back in the next week or so...that one will also need binding when I receive it.

I am so happy with my UFO progress so far this year.  I hope I can keep up the motivation.

Doin' the happy dance,