Monday, March 25, 2013

Farmer's Wife Blocks 1-50

Hi all!  As promised, I'm finally getting around to posting the progress on my Farmer's Wife blocks.  I'm almost at 60 done, but since I'll be posting in groups of 10, I've got the first 50 for your viewing pleasure.  You can click on the pics to enlarge them.

Blocks 1-10

Blocks 11-20

Yes, that black, red and ecru one is supposed to be pieced like that.  :o)

Blocks 21-30

 Blocks 31-40
Two still need the paper removed.

Blocks 41-50
Three still need the paper removed.

Hope you enjoyed my little block show!  :o)

Quilty hugs,

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More Info On My Custom FQ Die

A few of you have expressed an interest in my custom FQ die and how you can get one like it.  First of all, I'm flattered.  Thanks, peeps for thinking I've "dun good".  LOL!  Second, y'all are "noreply" so I can't contact you directly, so I'm doing so here on my blog, which may also help those who are interested in the future.

Now on to the important stuff...  Yes, I did design this die myself -- it is custom and not stocked for sale by AccuQuilt.  However, it MAY be possible to obtain one for yourself by contacting AccuQuilt directly with the information I am about to share with you.  FYI -- I drew up my prototype using my EQ (Electric Quilt) program.  Made it easier for me and AccuQuilt was very impressed.  *big grin*  Once I submitted the prototype, the ball got rolling and they quoted me a price ($132.00) and after my approval of their CAD drawing, they sent it on to be manufactured and shipped to me.

My Prototype as drawn in EQ

With that all said, and considering all the "hard" stuff is done, I wouldn't be surprised if they kept my die board in their archives (I mean, what if I use this one to death and need another?  LOL!)  So I will share with you my "die number."  Ready?  It is FQS9200186.  And I called the die "FQ To Scraps."

I hope those who are interested can get one for yourselves.  I'd love to hear from you on the outcome of your inquiry.  Good luck!

Quilty hugs,

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's Here!!!

I got my custom FQ die today from Accuquilt!  I am so pumped!

Yes, I've tested it out.  I would have taken a video, but it's just little ol' me (if you don't count my Dad visiting for the winter who is totally techno challenged) and, of course, I need my hands free to crank.  Teehee.  So pictures will just have to suffice...

Here's the die (after my marking the cutting blade lines with my black sharpie).

And here's the die with three FQs folded lengthwise on the die.

And here's the die going through in one pass.  I must admit that it was a little tough to crank when I came to the end of the pass, but I think it's because I need to break the sucker in.  I'll let you know more about that later if it doesn't improve.

And here are the results! 

3 FQ's in one pass = six 2-1/2" strips, six 2" strips, six 1-1/2" strips, six 1" strips, six 1/2" strips (for mini string blocks using scant seams), 30 2-1/2" squares, 24 2" squares, 24 1-1/2" squares.  VERY LITTLE WASTE!

If the FQ I am cutting is short on a side, I put that side on the strip end, so my strips are a bit shorter (which is fine), and I lose that last full 2-1/2" square, but can use them as scraps or recut them into 1-1/2" or 2" squares.

In a FQ frenzy,