Thursday, April 16, 2015

Girls' Fun Day

Wednesday last week I was hostess for our weekly girls' quilt get-together.  There was lots of food, fun and quilty projects.  Nothing is better than a day spent with your quilty girlfriends!  Nothing!


Three cheers for girlfriends!

Playing Catch-Up

Yep, playing catch-up again.  I realized I never posted about our Guild's Gathering in March.  It was a large turnout with a multitude of classes held -- at least 4-6 to choose from each morning and the same for each afternoon, over the course of the two days.  I had signed up for the Jelly Roll Race class the first morning and here is me happily holding my completed top.

I was also the first done -- but it wasn't really a race...  Some people only sewed their jelly roll strips into rows, while others just cut up various strips in various lengths and sewed them all together one after the other.  It was a lot of fun.  I sewed it like a regular jelly roll race quilt, only I put solid black squares in-between each strip.  I've since put borders on my top and will show it once it's quilted.  I LOVE how it turned out once I put the borders on it.  It is very bright.  LOL.

Our Gathering was also the unveiling of our Guild's Raffle Quilt for our Show in March 2016.  Isn't it gorgeous?

Mona's and my class was the afternoon of the first day and we were the second class to fill up at sign-ups.  We were pretty pleased about that.  There was a max of 20 per class.  Class went smoothly and there were lots of sewing machines humming and smiles and laughs.  We couldn't ask for more...

Quilty happiness,