Thursday, June 16, 2016

Charity Quilt For Veteran-In-Need

Our Guild provides charity quilts to veterans, many of whom are wheelchair-bound.  I finally finished this quilt yesterday and hope it provides comfort to someone in need.

It took a lot longer to quilt than I anticipated.  You'd think with just straight-line quilting it would go quickly (at least I did -- LOL!).  Not so.  The stitching lines are about 1/2" wide.  That's a lot of quilting.  But it was good practice and I hope it warms the lap (and the soul) of a wheelchair-bound veteran.  It's the least I can do for those who serve our country with such selflessness.

Home of the free, because of the brave,

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Two Community Service Quilts Are Now Done

See...I promised I would be back soon, and here I am!

I just finished the binding for these two charity quilts which will be given to my Guild when we meet for our monthly Community Service get-together on June 1, where we will work on even more charity quilts.  I did the bindings completely by machine, as I'm sure they will get quite a bit of use.  I haven't done binding by machine for quite a while, so I forgot just how much faster it is to machine stitch it rather than hand stitch.  Was kinda a fun change of pace.

You'll probably remember this fun, happy, scrappy half-log-cabin from when me and my quilting friends got together on our usual Wednesday gathering.  We worked on it on and off for several weeks.

And then I pulled all my scraps that read either pink or purple and made this one solo.  I have to be honest and say this one is killing me to give up.  It turned out so awesome.  But give it up, I shall.  If I miss it too much, I can always make another for myself, right?  It's not like I don't have more scraps...  :o)

Give 'til it hurts,

P.S.  The blue/green/yellow boy's spiderweb charity quilt top is completely done and is being quilted as we speak, so hope to have pics of that one soon.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Keeping Busy

Obviously, I haven't posted in quite a while.  I've been keeping busy with life and with quilting...just not taken time out to blog about all the goings on. So, I'll update you with a few fun things today.

Firstly, on April 6, I hosted our Wednesday Quilt Group (we call ourselves "We Come In Pieces". Those of you who know me, have probably correctly guessed I suggested the whimsical tongue-in-cheek name, and everyone voted for it).  Anyway, it also happened to be Mona's birthday, so we had a little cheesecake celebration.  The entire day was fun, as usual.

Secondly, I finished a Christmas quilt top that I've had in progress for some time now.  Remember that year when I wanted to make a Christmas quilt a month?  Yeah, lasted for all of three and a half months before that one fell to the wayside.  Darn life interferences. Anyway, finally finished the one I had started during month four.  I imagine I will quilt something fun in the empty center squares.  Didn't use up nearly enough green/red scraps.  LOL.

Lastly (for now anyway), I've got a few vacations in the works.  Not quilt-related, but fun for me.  :o)  My two daughters, their families and I have rented a gorgeous home for a week in early June in Siesta Key, FL, about a 3 hour drive from here on the east coast of Florida.  It's a five bedroom, three bath right on the canal with a built-in pool, a three-minute or so walk to the beach and not much farther walk to downtown.  I paid for the home as I wanted to do a cruise with everyone this past Christmas, but their work/school schedules interfered, so this works as an early Christmas/Birthday gifts for this year. My daughters said since I paid for the house, they'll do all the cooking.  I think I got the better part of the deal, don't you?  *grin*

I'll also be going up North to visit my sister and many, many friends at the end of June into the middle of July.  Very much looking forward to it, as I haven't seen my sister for 2-1/2 years and my friends for even longer than that!  

Oh, and I have my Bonnie Hunter Mediterranean Cruise coming up in August.  I'll have more on that later, as we now have the information for the quilt we'll be working on during the days at sea.  I'll share with you the quilt and my fabric choices.  The quilt is from a magazine, so I'm sure it's okay to share a pic.

Well, that's it for now.  Although I did get some quilts back from the keep a lookout for more updates once I bind them.  Shouldn't be too long, I promise.  :oD

More later,

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Actually, I've been home over a week, but just now finding time to post.  As you can guess, we had an amazing time.  I have such great friends and love spending time with them. Mary's home was lovely and she was an exceptional hostess. There's talk of making this an annual event, and hopefully next year more of us can go.  

As mentioned, the main purpose was the Pigeon Forge Quilt Show, and I have tons of pictures to share with you.  So many, in fact, that I decided it was best to upload those pictures to Photobucket and post a link so you can see all the gorgeous quilts.  Okay, not ALL of them, as I just took pictures of the ones that caught my eye, but there are plenty as you can imagine.  Here's the link...

The LeConte Center where the show was held was the most gorgeous building.  I believe it was recently built, and it was huge!  Plenty of room to roam and plenty of room to host the large Show. Parking was also plentiful and they even had a tram for those who couldn't/didn't want to walk to the entrance.  We needed the exercise so, yes, we walked. Hehehehe.

LeConte Center Entrance

Gorgeous beamed ceilings!

The rugs had quilt patterns!

A bed-turning in progress in one of the rooms...

Eating vendors, classrooms and restrooms were off this lovely large hall.

Spaciousness and vendors on the right...

Even more spaciousness and vendors on the left...
I didn't get a pic of the spaciousness of the quilt display areas.  :o(

Our view outside while eating lunch.
We had lovely 70-80 degree weather during our entire stay!

More lovely views...

While lunching...  Say "Cheese!"...  Mary, Lu, Mona (left to right)

I did plenty of shopping, so here's a pic of my stash enhancers.  I helped the economy greatly!  LOL!

Don't forget to click on the link above to see the quilts!


Saturday, March 12, 2016

*Sings* On The Road Again...

My friend Mona and I will be hitting the road early Monday morning heading toward Maryville, TN, where we will meet up with two other quilting friends, one of whom owns a second home there where we will stay.  The main purpose is to take in the Pigeon Forge Quilt Show, but you can guess a good time will be had the entire week we are there. We are all bringing our machines, so there will be much sewing and socializing when not at the Show.  I've already picked out a few projects to take with me to work on during down time. 

I'll be driving; and Mona and I are going to take the scenic route up I75 and through the Blue Ridge Mountain area on Rt. 411. We are planning on making several stops along the way to a few quilt shops (like we're not going to have temptation at the quilt show, right?!?).  We're also thinking about maybe day at Dollywood during our week, if time permits.  Yes, we are a crazy, zany bunch.  And we are going to have a B-L-A-S-T!!!

Flying (or driving, as the case may be) by the seat of our pants,

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Pretty Quilt Accessories!!!

The Quilt Show was a huge success!  It would not surprise me at all to find out at our next meeting that we had record numbers.  I'm sure the gorgeous weather (sunny and in the 70's) helped in that regard, but there's no doubt the biggest factor was the publicity.  Our gal(s) that worked on publicity were outstanding!  In fact, ALL the gals and guys that worked on the Show -- from take-in to take-down and everywhere in-between -- were amazing!  :o)

On another note, look at the pretty, new accessories that were added to my quilts, complements of NQA Certified Judge, Molly Waddell...

Citrus Garden - FIRST PLACE!

Savannah (top) - HONORABLE MENTION
Kylie's Kites (bottom) - THIRD PLACE

The crazy thing is they competed against each other in the same category!  LOL!

Pictures of ALL the Award Winning Quilts can be found on our Seaside Piecemakers Quilt Guild website.  Just click the link here to be taken there. I was also told that pictures of ALL the quilts in the show (there were 200) would be added to the site shortly...

So excited and proud!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Quilt Show!!!

Our huge quilt show is tomorrow and Saturday!  If you are in the area, come by and see the beautiful quilts, visit our vendors, and find me to say "Hi!"... I'll be there both days working at various stations, from white gloving the quilts, to selling tickets to win a quilt at our Small Quilt Raffle, and other areas in-between. Hope I see you there!

'Til then,

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Kylie's Kites

This quilt is called Kylie's Kites.  Eleanor Burns visited our Quilt Guild in March 2013.  She gave a Lecture, had a Quilt Challenge Competition and gave two classes.  Kylie's Kites was one of the classes she gave.  It was a lot of fun and very exciting to meet the quilt maven in person.  She is as personable and crazy as she appears.  What a hoot.  LOL!

I finished this quilt top during class and gave it to my quilt friend to quilt for me.  She did an over-the-top job on the quilting which is really what makes this quilt sing.  (The ribbon around the borders is all threadplay done by my friend!)  For some reason, I never blogged about it.  It was so long ago, that I can't remember how or even why it was overlooked...

Anywho, I'm putting it in our Guild's show in early March so that my friend's quilting can be appreciated for the art that it is.  The last of the three quilts I will be entering.


Friday, February 5, 2016

Savannah - Another Finish!

I have another finish to share.  This time it's my "Savannah" Quilt.  It's my own design and I used a lot of little civil war scrap pieces to make this.  It was quilted by a talented quilting friend.  It measures 29" square and each block is 3" finished.

This one is also going in our Guild's Quilt Show in early March.

More to come,

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Citrus Garden - Hexie Quilt is Finished!

Citrus Garden

My hexie quilt is finished and I think it looks amazing.  My quilting friend did an awesome job on it!  I'm so pleased.  I changed the name from Citrus Swirl to Citrus Garden because that fits it so much better now with the quilting she did.  This was my first try at English Paper Piecing and it took me several years of on and off handpiecing to complete the top, but it was worth it.  I had no design plan for it and just let it speak to me on what it wanted to be.

I wanted to keep the edges uneven as I felt it gave the quilt more personality, so I sewed hexies around the edge like a facing on clothing and turned it to the back and appliqued it down with invisible hand stitches.  It worked like a charm!  Of course the backing and batting had to be on the quilt before I could do that, so I gave the quilt top to my quilting friend and she quilted just the hexie flowers, leaving the black areas unquilted.  Then I got the quilt back and trimmed all the layers around the edges and did my thing, and then gave it back to her to finish quilting.

The butterflies are glittery!

This beauty will be going into our Quilt Show in the beginning of March.  After all that work, you bet I'm gonna show her off.  :o)

Feeling accomplished,