Monday, June 8, 2015

Getting My Ducks in a Row

So...after realizing I've been neglectful in documenting my UFO and Kit lists, I've decided to update them.  Picasa has been giving me headaches as of late anyway, which is one of the reasons I haven't been on top of things in this regard.  So what I've decided to do is actually do a blog post for each UFO/Kit and have my list entry directly link to the blog post, rather than to a picture in Picasa.  That way I, too, can easily see what I have and can choose (and peruse) them directly through my blog, rather than scrounging though my closets.  If I have a backstory, I'll note that in the blog post, as well.  This getting older thing is wreaking havoc on my memory anyway.  LOL.

So over the course of the next several days (weeks?) you will see NUMEROUS blog entries.  Don't be afraid...go into the light.  Just kidding....

You may or may not be interested in my blog entries during this timeframe, but if you are curious, feel free to gawk and laugh at my insanity.  I won't mind.  If you want to comment, I won't mind that either.

Let the craziness commence,

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