Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Citrus Garden - Hexie Quilt is Finished!

Citrus Garden

My hexie quilt is finished and I think it looks amazing.  My quilting friend did an awesome job on it!  I'm so pleased.  I changed the name from Citrus Swirl to Citrus Garden because that fits it so much better now with the quilting she did.  This was my first try at English Paper Piecing and it took me several years of on and off handpiecing to complete the top, but it was worth it.  I had no design plan for it and just let it speak to me on what it wanted to be.

I wanted to keep the edges uneven as I felt it gave the quilt more personality, so I sewed hexies around the edge like a facing on clothing and turned it to the back and appliqued it down with invisible hand stitches.  It worked like a charm!  Of course the backing and batting had to be on the quilt before I could do that, so I gave the quilt top to my quilting friend and she quilted just the hexie flowers, leaving the black areas unquilted.  Then I got the quilt back and trimmed all the layers around the edges and did my thing, and then gave it back to her to finish quilting.

The butterflies are glittery!

This beauty will be going into our Quilt Show in the beginning of March.  After all that work, you bet I'm gonna show her off.  :o)

Feeling accomplished,

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Susie said...

this is gorgeous. I just saw it on Pinterest and it's very striking. The quilting is beautiful also.