Monday, June 8, 2015

Heart Wreath Quilt Top

This quilt top has been languishing in the "to be quilted" pile since before I even moved to Florida in December 2008.  I'm sure it even pre-dates 2008 by a few years.  I know, because I did the buttonhole stitching by hand, and I haven't done that by hand for too many years to count now.  By machine is so much faster.  One of the main reasons I did it by hand way back when was because I was working and could take projects with me to work on during my lunch hour.  I'm guessing this is around 2005-2006.  This was also done during my "Thimbleberries"'s been awhile.

It hasn't been quilted yet because I keep telling myself it's small enough to quilt myself.  We all know how that works...


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