Thursday, August 21, 2008

Typing Fun

I took this typing test via a link on Bonnie Hunter's blog. Try it, it's fun!

90 words

Speed test

It's nice to see that even though I haven't been working since the end of March, I've still got it. I also had 100% accuracy. Go me! :o) And yes, this was my first try. Hmmm...maybe I should practice it more and see if I can get it back up to the 116 wpm I used to be. LOL!


Carolyn said...

I got 62 wpm with 4 mistakes. Not too bad since I took one class in typing in high school. I worked briefly as a church secretary about 7 years ago and that's the extent of my typing, except on the computer! I still swear that the typing class was the best, most useful class I ever took. Who knew then that computers would be in every home!

Teresa said...

I got a 67..I never took typing but I sure got enough practice since computer came around.