Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fessing Up Time

After adding my UFO list to my blog, I decided to totally fess up (especially to myself) on all my unstarted kits and BOMs that I've let collect in a bin to be forgotten until I happen upon them (see the list on the right of my blog page). Out of sight, out of mind is sooooo true. Maybe if I list them and see that list everyday, it will guilt me into actually completing some of them. I can't believe I have 16 projects ready to start -- in addition to my 23 UFOs already in progress. It's a disease, I tell you!

To make matters much, much worse -- Saturday my hubby, grandson and I are going to Edison to the NJ Quilt Fest. If you think I'm walking out of there without anything in my hot little hands, you're crazier than I am! LOL!

Don't worry -- I'll post my ill-gotten gains for all to see. Just because I'm fessing up to all my indiscrepancies doesn't mean I'll stop adding to them -- just maybe slow down a little. Yeah, right. I wonder if I can talk my sewing machine into sewing on its own. What? Hey, it embroiders at the touch of a button, why not sew by itself? :oP

Quilty hugs,

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Lisa Boyer said...

Oh wow...every single one of those kits is yummy! Sorry if I drooled on your fabric...