Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sail-Away Day

What excitement we felt as we prepared to board the Carnival Dream. We couldn't wait to get aboard and explore the beautiful ship. Also, who would have thought amongst the 3,000+ passengers and the quite lengthy time-slot for boarding (11:30am-4pm) that I would actually run into another quilter? Well, not only did I run into another quilter, but she was 2 people in front of us in line and it was Regan from Floating on a Quilted Cloud, whom I had connected with online! How fortuitous was that! We hugged like old friends. So amazing the instant friendships you can make by just having a blog. It was great to finally meet her in person, and I also got to meet her friend, Brenda, who was also a quilter. :o)

The ship was as beautiful as we imagined and the Atrium was breathtaking! Our inside cabin and private bathroom were quite spacious. We loved the towel creatures the stewards made every night. Such a simple thing, but so fun! Especially when we added our own "accessories." LOL!

The pools were all decent sizes with plenty of lounge chairs to be had. And I can't even count how many hot tubs were on the ship. It seemed like they were around every corner!

We ate every evening in the Scarlet Dining Room. Gorgeous! And how fun to spend them with the other quilters as we reminisced about our days. Many friendships were formed and I will cherish them all. Most exciting of all was meeting THE Bonnie! She was just as sweet and friendly as I imagined. :o)

Many of the evenings after dinner, several of us would go to the shows or just hang out together. Let me tell you, don't let the fact that we are quilters lull you into some false sense that all we do is spend time with a needle and thread or in front of our sewing machines. We can party and have a great time with the rest of 'em. All I can say is what happens on a Quilt Cruise, stays on the Quilt Cruise. 'Nuff said. LOL!

Stay tuned for Nassau, Bahamas!



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regan said...

Oh my gosh, got some great pics of the cruise! Can't wait to see the rest!