Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nassau, Bahamas aka A Day with the Dolphins!!!

Nassau, Bahamas. Beautiful. Even after Hurricane Irene. I think the locals did an amazing clean-up job by the marina because we couldn't see anything amiss. I imagine the tourist trade is what brings in the $$$ so they want to make sure those locations are up to par. We learned at dinner that some of the other quilters went off the beaten path and more inland and they commented that the damage was more pronounced there. Still in all, I think they did a magnificent job just one week after Irene's destructive visit.

As for Kathy and I, we've both been to Nassau before and done the Atlantis thing. Although if you haven't been, I highly recommend it.

So we wanted to do something totally different -- visit with the dolphins all day! And what a fun, fantastic, and awesome day it was! We took a ferry to Blue Lagoon Island (yes, the same island where the movie with Brook Shields was filmed). It was so beautiful, the water was so blue, and the sand was so fine. Breathtaking.

Before our dolphin adventure, we had an hour to spend on the beach, so we grabbed a couple of hammocks and chilled while the steel drum island music played in the background. Ahhhhhh, now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout. :o)

After our hammock chilax we went exploring and saw a group of people on a different dolphin adventure. One where they wear lifejacket-type vests and float stationary on their stomachs in the water with their legs spread slightly apart. Two dolphins then swim up behind them and each pushes the person's feet with their noses and races them across the lake at approx. 25 miles an hour! Yep, you know what we're going to be doing next time we visit Nassau! LOL!

Next, up...our dolphin adventure. And what an adventure it was! If you ever find yourself in Nassau, do it, do it, do it! I believe the official name was "Dolphin Encounter." They split us up into two groups and then we sat around a pool-type enclosure built right on the water. In even smaller groups of 10 or so, we made our way into the water and one-by-one got to interact with the dolphin, Salvatore. We petted, hugged, kissed, danced (holding his fins), fed him fish and watched him do tricks for us. What an opportunity of a lifetime. I bought the DVD of our encounter (sweet!!!), but unfortunately haven't used up the film yet in the waterproof camera to upload any of our personal encounter pics here. Sorry. The only ones I have to share for now are the ones I took with the regular camera prior to the water encounter and, of course, the one I bought from them, which I will cherish! What memories!

Dolphin Love,


scraphappy said...

So cute! Truly a once in a lifetime experience.

regan said...

Yep, on my next cruise down there....I am definitely doing this! Holy cow, that looked like so much fun! Yay!