Saturday, November 8, 2008

(*Sings*) Oooohh, I'm Packing My Life Away

Eddie Rabbitt may have been driving his life away, but I'm packing mine away. My house is now in official chaos. We are also putting out furniture at the end of the driveway with for sale signs on it, as weather permits. So far we've sold our kitchen dining set. We have plenty more where that came from, though...but the weather has not been cooperating. In fact, as I type this it is POURING outside! Ugh!

We are hoping to have a moving sale this coming Saturday (with a raindate of Sunday) and our POD is being delivered on Monday, the 17th. YIKES! Where is the month going??? *running around the house flailing her hands in the air*

If you're wondering about the nicely lined up boxes in the picture's foreground, let's just say that they are there to keep out our cute little, loveable doggie. She has a weird fetish for all things paper -- newspaper, toilet paper, xerox paper, magazines....she just loves to shred it to pieces. Love her, BUT! Let's just say I've had to rewrap a few things... Not to mention the one time she stole a toilet paper roll from our bathroom and our bedroom looked like a toilet paper blizzard! *chuckles* Gotta love her! :o)

Amidst all the chaos,

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Carolyn said...

And I'm sure everything will be packed in an orderly fashion and well labeled! :o) I always loved packing for a move. It meant it was time to start a new chapter in life. New starts are always fun!