Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Killing Time

Ok, ok. So I'm a bit bored in this empty house with nothing but a mattress, two TVs and two computers (hubby's lap top and my PC). I thought I wouldn't have time to blog with cleaning and all, but we got a phone call from our realtor yesterday informing us that the buyers are having professional cleaners come in to clean the house before they move in. Yeah, I know it sounds like I'm a slob or something, but I'm really not. In fact, some who know me would say I'm obsessive compulsive about my home and its cleanliness. However, the wife is pregnant and due in about 5 or 6 weeks and is now on complete bedrest, so I guess they just want to do it their way. Which is fine with me, because I was going to sparkle up the place, but hey, it's all good!

So what am I doing to kill the time? Well, since I'm really not into TV all that much except a few shows during the evening hours, I decided to play around with my EQ program again. Here is the result of today's fun.

I actually came up with a name for it already, too. I call it "A Butterfly In My Garden." If you have a minute, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Echoingly yours,


Linda said...

Oh, I would be so happy if someone would professionally clean my house--too bad you can't enjoy it! But you are enjoying your free time--love the EQ pattern. I wouldn't use a white as the background for the flour blocks, though! Maybe a soft, soft gold or tan--not enough to blend into the background, but almost?
Lurking Linda

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Isn't this so neat? I love it. Very creative and happy and the added movement with the diamonds is so Right On!

Anonymous said...

Love your design. I haven't used EQ in a long time and have been thinking about buying the newer version so since you use it I've got a question. Does it calculate the instructions, i.e. pattern, for making whatever you design?
Happy travels to you.