Sunday, January 12, 2014

It's Always Fun To Meet New Friends...

Especially the quilty kind! 

I've been following Angela's blog, SoScrappy, for some time now.  I knew she lived in FL, but didn't realize how close she was in proximity.  Then we met in person at an EduQuilters gathering when I thought I recognized her from her picture on her blog and introduced myself.  We never really had an opportunity to just sit and chat because we were so busy sewing charity quilts.  But it was neat knowing that another blogger lived in my area.

Well, a few days ago she blogged about her finally fixed Bernina and how she had a new table for it.  Since the table for my Bernina has been broken for some time (good ole painter's tape), I asked her if she had gotten it at a local quilt shop and whether she knew if they sold them individually.  She wasn't sure, but mentioned that since she had the new one, her old one was available to a good home.  How sweet was that!  So, I took her up on her kind offer and we finally truly met yesterday when I popped by her house to pick it up.  Since this is the weekend with my grandson, he was towed along as well.  But he wound up a very happy camper because Angela has a son around the same age and they seemed to bond quickly.  Kids are so great like that.

So while the kids played, I got to peek into Angela's "lair" and see her stash and several of her beautiful quilts.   It was like a private little quilt show and so fun!  Her mini blocks are to die for!  Plus, she's also a Bonnie Hunter fan.  Then we mentioned that since the boys got on so great, maybe we can get together and sew/quilt while the boys played.  I think the kids aren't the only ones who made a new friend.  :o)

Isn't it funny how things happen in life,


scraphappy said...

"SEW" nice to meet you in person yesterday. For real this time and not while trying to do other things. I really do think the boys would enjoy getting together again. Sometime I'll have to come and get a peek at your stash!

Quilter Kathy said...

What a wonderful quilty outing!

Ellen said...

Wonderful...sounds like everyone had a good time!

Grammy's Quilting Studio said...

Well it is a small world. Suzy, I went by your new friend's house on my way home today and sure enough she lives right down the street, what a SMALL world. I will have to meet my neighbor someday and talk some quilting. Would be so much fun. Mona