Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy Little Hourglasses

Yesterday it was merry little 9-patches.  Today it's happy little hourglasses.  Actually, last night it was happy little hourglasses.  My Accuquilt GO! made fast work of these little suckers.  One crank for all the ecru pieces and one crank for all the black pieces.  They went together like magic with the little corners already notched.  :o)

You'll notice I didn't use polka dots -- nothing in the stash I liked.  But I did scrounge up these Christmas prints as a compromise.  I like them a lot.  They play together well.

Today I sewed the 9-patch and hourglass units together and the center is now complete.

Next up -- the borders.  There is one block border and two strip borders.  I'll probably spend the remainder of the day in and out of my sewing room constructing the block borders.  But first I have to cut them.  Back to my GO! cutter.  Wheeeee.

Hope you're having a quilty day too,


scraphappy said...

Wow, that was quick! Makes me sad that I had to spend the day at work.

Ellen said...

Your fabric choices really do work well together. You are really moving along!

Grammy's Quilting Studio said...

Well I had to go check out your blog and updates after having lunch together today. You have been a busy girl and I love both your Christmas creations. Looking forward to seeing the rest, but since you made 2 in January, you get to take a month off, lol. Mona

Grammy's Quilting Studio said...
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Teresa said...

I love the setting of this quilt. The hour glass blocks combined with the nine patches creates a marvelous design. I have some friendship blocks that I exchanges with a group of friends several years ago that I have been looking for the perfect setting for and I think this is it!

Thanks for sharing.

Teresa said...
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