Monday, January 28, 2013

AccuQuilt Now Offers GO! Custom Dies!!!!

Oh, heart be still!  I'm am swooning!  Custom dies for the GO!  I've been dying for this option since the beginning of my GO! die obsession!  You'd better believe I hopped on that bandwagon as soon as I opened the e-mail notification.

I've been especially craving a die for my FQs that I can cut multiple shapes from in one pass for my scrappy quilts.  I love me my scrappy quilts!  Yep, I've already submitted my prototype (using my trusty EQ7 program) -- here it is:

I know you're eyeing that 1/2" strip and going "hmmmm" since there would be nuttin' left over after 1/4" seams, but they will be used in string quilts and I will use tiny seam allowances.  I didn't want anything to go to waste.

The overall size of the blades will be 8-1/2" wide by 21-1/2" long, so I'll just have to fold my FQs in half once and I can cut 3 FQs in one fell crank.  I didn't want to make it 9" x 22" in case the FQs are cut a smidge too small.  So whatcha think?

I think I'm in looovvveee!

P.S.  I see another FQ die in my future utilizing brick shapes and half-square triangles...(*fans self*)


Robin in Short Pump said...

I don't have a Go! but maybe now…
How much would something like this cost?

Suzy said...

Hi Robin. You were set as "noreply", so I will answer your question here.

The price will, of course, depend on your custom die (size and number of shapes). My die is 10x24with 18 shapes and they quoted me $132. I think that is reasonable, especially considering how much I will use it. :o)