Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Isn't that the coolest name ever for a restaurant? Well, more like a cozy and casual hole-in-the-wall right across from the beach with different bright-colored picnic tables. But the food was a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

Now for the story on how we found this place...

Kathy gave me an "Entertainment" coupon book for Christmas this year (she has one for herself, too). There are tons of coupons of all types in the book and each book is published for your city/area and are good for the entire year. There are coupons for restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream parlors (notice I started with the food items first LOL!), clothing stores, movie theaters, bowling alleys and all kinds of other entertainment venues. Well, we decided that we were going to use these coupons to the fullest, so tonight when we decided to go out to dinner, we agreed we would be "adventurous" and only go to places where we can use these coupons. After looking through many, many, many places to eat, we decided on "Goombay's."

We had a blast and it was fun to try something different from the same ol' same ol' tried and true places. Plus, since we had a coupon for "buy one entree, get one free," the entire bill for both of us was only $11 and change.

Can't wait to see where we end up next...



regan said...

We always got the Entertainment book when we lived in San Diego. It was a wonderful way to find new places....and the coupons were always a great deal. I haven't thought of getting the one for Portland, but I really might make us get down there more often! Thanks for the reminder!

Teresa said...

The resturant looks like a fun place to go, an what a great idea to give a book to a friend and then try out the places together. Got to remember that one.