Wednesday, June 29, 2011


OK, how many of you out there have so much stash that you forget what you've already purchased? How many of you have purchased the same item more than once because you didn't realize you already had it?

Here I am thinking I'm all that...organized that is...

Well, today I decided to go through my BOM/Kits tubs and finally take pictures of (gulp) items I've purchased in the past 2 years, promptly plopped them in the tubs and then neglected to own up to them on my blog (list of which can be seen (and clicked on) over there on the right-hand side).

Well, I guess I REALLY, REALLY liked one kit so much I bought two of them (at different times, of course). What the heck!?! Madness, I say...just madness. LOL! Guess there's a king-sized basket quilt in my future!

I'd better get this butt into gear and actually start working on (and completing) these kits and UFOs. The only question is -- do I have enough years left? I'm "only" 51, but have you seen my stash, UFOs and kits?!?! What's the saying? "She who dies with the most fabric wins."? The next question is -- what do I win? LOL!

Quilty craziness,


Anonymous said...

I've done the very same thing, some of my stash is SO old too...
I may never get it all stitched and at this point I don't care anymore. :)
Connie (Cootie Bug Connie)

regan said...

Suzy, I'm guilty too! But don't worry, you have plenty of time to finish up the ufo's and start tons of new ones, too! I'm 49, and I always assume all quilters will live until at least 94! That's a lot of sewing to do!

Plus....I was at the fabric outlet store yesterday (go figure!), and the gal there was commenting on how these great prices will be going away soon.....all fabric will be shooting up in price because of.....well, whatever! Anyhoo....I told my hubby right then, "'s a dang good thing I have such a huge stash, cuz pretty soon I won't be able to afford any new fabric!" That's justification to run out and buy more.....right now! LOL

Teresa said...

I looked at your unstarted kits - you really have some nice ones. I can see why you ended up with two of the basket kits, such a cute pattern.