Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Move Over Thelma & Louise -- Here Come Kathy & Suzy!

Ok, ok, so we weren't that bad and we made it out alive -- but we DID have a fun time on our little getaway weekend to St. Augustine.

Hubby was down in Stuart with his mother this past week (his Dad had to unexpectedly have quadruple bypass surgery but all went well). So while the cat's away the girl's decided to P-L-A-Y.

First thing Kathy said after I told her that hubby would be gone for a week was "Road Trip!" First thing I said in response was "St. Augustine!" Aside from the silly "pushing all the elevator buttons" and various small sundry things, we were what we consider well-behaved. Hehehehe. No falling down drunk or peeing on people's lawns and such. No, we were trying our best to stay out of jail and spend the night at the local Holiday Inn instead.

We walked and walked, and took the trolly tour and walked, and walked, and...well we were TIRED when we got home from the trip. Only a few pictures to share, as we couldn't be bothered with the camera. We were too busy window shopping and touring and real shopping and such.

We did take pictures of each other at one of the places we had dinner. The place was soooooo cute! It was an Irish Pub and Seafood Restaurant. We ate upstairs on the outdoor balcony overlooking the water, bridge, pirate ships, sailboats, yachts and even horse-drawn carriages. We even saw 4 dolphins playing amongst the boats. And the food was great, as well! Forgot to take pics of the food, but we both had the fish and chips. Dang they gave you alot. We could have shared after it was all said and done. :o)

Oh, and I can't forget to tell you we found a quilt shop! Right there in downtown St. Augustine. It was a really wonderful shop with friendly staff and great fabrics! Yes, of course I helped our fledgling economy by plopping down almost $200. But see my pretty treasures!

Hope your weekend was as great as mine,

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vivian said...

Sounds like you girls had a blast!! Love those paisleys!