Monday, January 4, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Here's what's on my design "wall" this week. I've been working on a UFO that is heaven knows how old and am finally to the point of sewing the blocks together into rows. Many years ago I decided to get rid of/use (LOL!) some of my scraps and this block is what I came up with. Scary thing is I actually used freezer paper "templates" because the pieces wound up such unusual sizes. Ah, the naive beginner quilter. I had them all cut out and some of them actually sewn together and then they sat and sat. I finally finished piecing the blocks several months ago and hated them -- wondering how the heck I was going to orient them to make a "pretty" quilt out of them. Hooray for EQ! I swear I would be lost without it! I'm actually really liking this quilt now! It looks much nicer in person. Can't wait for the center to be done and then I just have to add two borders to complete the top. :o)

My resolution this year is the same as last...working on finishing up some of my UFOs to at least tops waiting for quilting. I hope to get this one done by this weekend. Here's hoping... :o)

UFO Frenzied,


Diane said...

We all have the same hope-get those UFO's done! I really like how your quilt is turning out. Sometimes they just need to sit awhite and simmer...:)
thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Last year I posted on my blog my resolution to finish my UFOs and did finish one or perhaps another, can't remember, but most of them are still undone as I begin 2010. Whether or not I get them done this year remains to be seen. I should really cease from starting new projects and put my nose to the grindstone...but unlikely. Happy sewing :)

Pieceful Jane said...

I like your setting solution for your blocks. It looks great. I also love my EQ software. I find it really helps me get a better finished quilt.