Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Heading South

Well we're off to Florida tomorrow for two weeks of house hunting. I'm really excited. I love looking at houses and it's even better when it's for real we're going to actually decide on and purchase one! The realtor has a lot of them lined up for us to see and she is picking us up bright and early on Thursday morning to begin just one of what could be many days of house hunting. Hope I still feel this excited about it all when it's all said and done. Who knows -- I may just regret admitting I love house hunting after seeing 50-100 of them. Yikes -- I hope it doesn't take that many to find "the one." LOL! :o)

Nothing much quilty going on here. I imagine there won't be much quilting going on until we are settled in Florida. We won't be back to NJ until two days before Halloween and then we will spend all November packing (Y-U-C-K!). Did I mention how much I HATE packing and the actual MOVING process. ACK! Then settlement on this home is December 1 and who knows when settlement will be on our Florida home. All I know is that we will be "moved" to Florida on December 2 and either have settlement soon thereafter (as in days/weeks) or more. God, please don't let it be the "more" part. In the meantime, we will be camping out at the in-laws. We are using a POD to move and store our items. It was the best way to go for us given the circumstances.

P.S. The home inspector, et al., were here yesterday. The house was a whirlwind with all the people coming and going. But, we passed with flying colors! Both the buyer's realtor and our realtor admitted they wished all their home inspections went as great as ours did. WooHoo!

Excited and stressed,


Nedra said...

Try and visualize sitting in your new sewing room with all the time in the world to work on what ever you want. Maybe going into that "zen" place will help you get through the next few months. Good luck!

Connie W said...

Best wishes to you. I think househunting can be such an exciting adventure, but I'm with you about the packing and moving which is so draining.

South Jersey Quilter said...

Good luck with your househunting and move! Think of us this winter when it's cold in NJ and you're nice and warm!


Teresa said...

I wish you much success with the house hunting and move. Packing and moving is a real back breaker and heart stresser, but so much fun when you can unpack and see all your treasures again in a new home.