Friday, October 20, 2017

Hurricane Woes

I must apologize for neglecting my blog for so long.  I have had some damage from Hurricane Irma and have been working behind the scenes with insurance companies, claims adjusters, repair peeps, etc.  It has been an ongoing cycle.  Sometimes I feel I'm running around in circles, and then other times I feel like a manatee out of water.  But I refuse to complain too much because there are so many others who fared much, much worse than I did.

To top it all off, I'm still trying to keep up with my Guild's Mystery Quilt/Clue of the Month that I committed to spearheading.  Clue 5 goes live next week, and I've just finished putting my center together, not including borders.  I really needed to get it to that point so that I knew for sure all my Clue instructions were correct.  Even though I had a friend do the same, I wanted to be certain first-hand.  I can breathe much easier now knowing that all is well and everything is as it should be.  Now to assemble the borders and get the entire top complete before my house is torn apart and repairs begin and I won't be able to sew for who knows how long.

No, don't worry -- my sewing room is intact.  However, I had water damage in my master bedroom, my office, as well as a front bedroom and bathroom.  Lots of drywall work, carpet removal, flooring replacement, painting and a new roof will make for a new "hurricane," with boxing up ALL rooms, and furniture being moved and re-moved hither and yon.

To top it all off, I had previous plans to attend the Houston Quilt Festival with several friends, so I won't be home for a week from 10/30-11/6.  So things have been on hold for a bit until I return and the upheaval can commence.  Meanwhile, I have had my bedroom dresser, nightstand and jewelry chest in the living room, and my office stuff has taken over the dining room since the storm hit in early September.  But the current chaos is nothing compared to what's to come.  LOL.

At least I can kinda laugh about it now.  At the time, I was a wreck.  Thank heavens for insurance.

Thanks for understanding,


The Joyful Quilter said...

Sorry to hear of the damage the storm did to your home. I hope you are able to enjoy the Quilt Festival, in spite of the chaos that will reign upon your return!

JanHvis said...

I'm so sorry that your home was damaged by Hurricane Irma. Hoping that each day your home is closer to full restoration so that you all can relax and enjoy your home once again.