Thursday, February 6, 2014

More Quilt Show Preparations

Every Wednesday my quilting friends and I get together to work on whatever personal projects float our boat.  We get a lot done during the day, which begins at 11am until usually 5-6pm.  We've named our little group "We Come in Pieces" and usually float house to house each week sometimes bringing bag lunches or, if the hostess chooses, she fixes all of us a wonderful lunch.  :o)

Yesterday was the last Quilt Show business meeting, and since a few of our gang are on the board, we decided to all meet up at a restaurant for lunch located next door to the Library where the meeting took place.  For the afternoon, we had reserved the room where the board meeting had taken place for us to gather and work on badges for the Quilt Show.  Our group decided to tackle that project together as a contribution to the Show.  Badges are made for all Seaside Quilt Guild members to wear during the show.  We have 300 members in our guild, but usually only 200 or so actually participate actively in the guild.

Here is our clan working diligently constructing 220 badges as designed by our friend, Laurel.  They are sooo cute.  The prototype is shown, but the final badges we went with have less scallops (5 as opposed to 7) to help save time.  I'll post again once they are all completed.

Everyone took parts and pieces home to work on, which I've been doing on and off during the day today.  I'm sewing pockets to the backs so there is a place to put a credit card or whatever.  :o)

Making progress,

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