Monday, February 25, 2013

Design Wall Monday

I'm making progress on a few of my projects. 

Here's where I am with my Scrappy Trip quilt.  All the blocks are done and now I'll be sewing the rows together.  Not sure if I'll get to these today.  Maybe tonight when it cools down some.  It's already 86 degrees here.  Probably will reach 90.  The thought of the weight of the quilt in my lap as I sew the center together just doesn't appeal to me in this heat.  And I refuse to turn on my air conditioning.  I'm a fresh air kinda girl.  *grin*

Here's my other project.  The workshop quilt that we didn't know what we were getting as they were in paper bags.  Each of the quilts everyone worked on were all different.  I was happy I got oriential fabrics, but I'm just not liking this quilt very much.  That and the fact that there wasn't enough fabric for the bottom border and I had to make do.  The only redeeming factor is that when my daughter picked up my grandson last night, I had it laying on the great room floor wondering if I should remove the one side border and replace it to match the bottom border; and she saw it and seems to love it.  Of course, it being in the purple color family may be a big reason.  She's a purple girl.  I was going to donate it to our guild to add to the charity quilts, but now I think I will send it to be quilted and give it to her as one of her birthday gifts (March 25). 

What are you all working on today?  Share with us on Judy's blog.  :o)

To finishes,


Sandie said...

I am kind of leaning to wards the idea of replacing the border on the left to match the bottom border... Woulb make it look like a deliberate design choice, rather than a "Make it work" kind of thing... I am too much of a control freak to ever work on a surprise project- Kudos to you for taking it on!

Gari in AL said...

I really like your Trip blocks. I was looking at that pattern yesterday but not ready to deal with a lot of little pieces, again, right away. I would change that bottom border to either no border or a solid, probably black. I would also say it was to top and meant to go under the pillows. However, if your daughter likes what she saw, I wouldn't change a thing. :-)

Anonymous said...

Your post is the first one I've read today that has warm temps. I think a lot of bloggers would like to have some of the warm air with all this cold and snow up farther north. :)

Your blocks are really looking good!

jan said...

Have you gotten your custom die from accuquilt yet? If so, please let us know if you like it and if not, what would you change? I would love to get one for fat quarters and those are exactly the shapes and sizes I would use. Thanks, always fun to read your blog.

Suzy said...

I should be getting it any day, Jan. You can bet I will share my excitement and thoughts. :o)