Friday, August 10, 2012

Quilt Retreat!!!

Took me long enough to post about it, but a couple weekends ago my quilty friends and I had a three-day quilt retreat at a condo that one of us owns as a rental unit on Cocoa Beach.  We had a blast and made a lot of progress on some of our projects.  Nothing beats spending three whole days and two nights with your besties.  I am now on Block 24 of my Farmer's Wife blocks.  Only 88 more to go.  LOL!  I'll share those in a separate post.

Quality time with quilting friends = PRICELESS,

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Doreen said...

That is such an awesome post! When in Florida, Cocoa Beach is a must for DH and I!!! Took a drive that direction in March when we were down there for Daytona Bike Week BUT I will have to say, you gals may have had more fun than we did!?! I have not been in a situation to experience such a get-away (and have not really wanted to..until I read your post and saw your wonderful pics!). You have definitely inspired me to organize something along those lines!!! Love all your projects, too;-D