Monday, March 14, 2011

Backyard Visitors

I had some backyard visitors the other day and remembered to actually grab my camera and take pictures. However, I then promptly forgot they were on my camera, so here they are. I'm not sure what kind of cranes they are -- perhaps someone out there can enlighten me. I was just amazed that they stayed there while I was practically right next to them clicking away. I thought for sure once I walked toward them they would fly away. I do know they travel in pairs (one male, one female). God's creatures are just so beautiful and inspiring.

Uplifted by nature,


Teresa said...

Those are quite amazing pictures to think they are wild animals yet so willing to let you get close. Thanks for sharing.

J said...

I think its a Sandhill Crane, Winter adult - located greater in southern areas.

scraphappy said...

Those Sandhill Cranes are beautiful. I think we may be neighbors! How funny would that be?