Friday, January 14, 2011

Pinwheel Party

A good friend of mine is expecting her first grandchild in February. Of course, as a quilter, we all think, "I need to make a quilt." Yep.

So I wracked my brain (small as it may be) and played in EQ7, and looked through books and wracked my brain some more (ouch). Finally, voila! I found a great quilt pattern. It's from the book Pinwheel Party by Ellen Pahl. I loved all the quilts in the book, but one really spoke to me...Twice As Nice. Here's a photo of the book cover and her original version of the quilt.

I had ordered a Lily and Will FQ stack of fabrics from Fat Quarter Shop specifically for whatever quilt I was going to do, since the color scheme for the baby's room is going to be blue and brown (it's a boy! LOL!), so I thought that I had all the fabrics I would need. Well after playing in EQ7, drawing and coloring the blocks to suit my color scheme and to get the requisite amount of each color fabric I would need, I came up short for what I envisioned. (I only used one brown to represent all the browns, one blue to represent all the blues, and one background to represent all the backgrounds. This makes it easy for me to know how much total yardage I need for each color.)

So what does a quilter do? Well, go to her stash, of course! Luckily, I have quite the stash and was able, I think, to mix it up well enough that will give it a scrappy look, yet not be able to tell which were the original Lily and Will fabrics and which are my choices from my stash. I hope you agree.

Now the next question is whether I start cutting and piecing it now, or after I get back from my cruise with my Dad to Hawaii. We leave next Saturday, the 22nd, and get back on February 8. I know I want to start it now, but if I don't at least get the top together by the time we leave, my OCD will drive me crazy knowing I wanted to get to that point before then. Ugh...

Quilting quandry,


regan said...

Definitely start it now, so you can totally relax and enjoy your vacation. Nothing like having a huge deadline the minute you get back to suck all the fun out of going!

The pattern is wonderful! I just love pinwheels! One of these days I might have to break down and get EQ7! I've never used any of the programs before, but I've seen other bloggers using it, and it seems like a lot of fun.

Teresa said...

Love the pattern and your fabric choices. So nice that you were able to take the cruise. I would like to see Hawaii someday as that is where my parents met. They were both Marines stationed there during WWII (after the Pearl Harbor bombing).