Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cottage Charm aka Taffy Treats

Another one bites the dust! UFO that is. :o) I think at the end of the year I will do a collage of all the projects I finished during the year and count how many were completed UFOs and how many were new projects. I think it will make me feel good to see how much I accomplished in 2009.

Anyway, here is Cottage Charm. It's a beautiful kit done by Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill. She called the kit Taffy Treats, but I named the quilt Cottage Charm. I totally love the fabrics in it -- Poetry Collection by April Cornell for Moda. In fact, I love the fabrics so much that I tracked down and bought a FQ bundle of all the FQs in the entire collection and they are being shipped to me as we speak. Yeah, I know, like I need more fabric. :oP

The scalloped border was a new one for me. I'd never done one before. It's presentable, but I'm not 100% happy with it. I know I'm a perfectionist, and maybe it's just me or maybe there's a trick out there that I don't know about to get the inside scallops (concave curve?) to not wrinkle a bit. If you know of any tips or tricks on how to achieve that, I'd love to hear from you. I cut the strips on the bias like it called for, but maybe I stretched them too much sewing the binding to the quilt, or maybe I didn't stretch the binding enough. Who knows? Hopefully with practice, I'll become better at it.

Sure hope my sister likes it.

Quilters are poets with fabric,


Teresa said...

Of course your sister will like it - #1 you made it, and #2 its beautiful!

april Cornell said...

The quilt is lovely. I enjoyed seeing what a beautiful job you did with the fabrics!
April Cornell