Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ta da!

Another UFO has made it to completed top form. Yay! Thanks everyone for your feedback. It really helps to get impressions from other quilters and I appreciate you all taking the time to let me know your thoughts. I'm glad the majority of you liked version 2 as well. It helped me feel better about taking the easy way out. LOL!

The borders really aren't as wrinkly as they seem. The darn dog kept running on the top and whenever we would try to catch her, she thought we were playing. Ugh! I can't tell you how many times I would straighten it out and then she would have a field day on top of it. Gotta love her! I tried to get a pic of the whole top, but just couldn't fit it well into the lens frame, so just took a pic to give you all an idea of the finished product.

So now what should I name it? I was thinking along the lines of Sunset at Aunt Dinah's or Peach Parfait; or do you have suggestions of your own. I'm open to all of them! :o)

We're off to Cocoa Beach Pier and Cocoa Village to spend the day. It should be fun and the weather is beautiful and will be in the mid-70's. Another beautiful day in sunny Florida. Wish you could share it with me.

Enjoy your day,


Cindy said...

Gorgeous! My cats love to help me spread out a project. Do you sell your quilts, gift them, display them or use them?

Lisa Boyer said...

Your quilt is gorgeous. I just love the colors. I think it reminds me of the Grand Canyon--the colors of the desert, plus the Native American-looking design. I like your "Sunset at Aunt Dinah's" name. Nicely done!

Teresa said...

I would like to call it MINE! Its a beautiful quilt.